Emerging Adolescence: A Virtual Workshop

Adolescence is a key phase of life, marked by drastic biological and social changes. Yet, despite adolescence being such a transformational period of life, we know relatively little about it in past populations; the study of adolescence in biological anthropology has only recently emerged.

Emerging Adolescence: A Virtual Workshop was the first virtual event to place developments related to adolescence in bioarchaeology at the centre of wider developments initiated by anthropologists working across the social sciences and allied areas. Featuring Canadian and international scholars, the workshop explored the ways in which we can learn more about adolescents, and how the study of adolescence can enhance our study of the past more broadly over two days, via Zoom and informal discussion via Gather.

The attendee manual was created for our synchronous virtual event and includes tips for proper netiquette, schedule, as well as abstracts and biographies for the presenters featured in this workshop. It also provides definitions of key concepts and terms, as a primer for those that are less familiar with the study of adolescence in bioarchaeology.

The teaching materials document provides a recommended reading list, links to the vides from our workshop, and discussion questions, so instructors can incorporate the outputs of this workshop into their classroom, furthering the discussion of bioarchaeological approaches to adolescence with the next generation of anthropologists.

Videos from the workshop are also available for anyone to watch, with closed captioning available.

If you have any questions, please contact myself at averylc@mcmaster.ca.